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Cancer Research

The global crisis created by the COVID19 pandemic, brought a stark realisation that access to treatments and the agility of our health care system needs rethinking to be responsive to the ever changing landscape. 

Integrated Care System need to give patients the support they need, through a joined approach across local councils, the NHS, and life science companies.

Speak to our team to learn about our Research Model that has been incorporated into the European Code of Cancer Practice and services innovations in NHS England.

Our Programmes

Community Services

As a cross sector research hub we work with the NHS, Life Science Companies and private providers to treat patient’s in new and innovative ways increasing access to innovative treatments in your local community.

Speak to us today to implement cancer care services in your community to improve patient access.

Health Inequalities

An average of 28% of EU clinical trial applications have come from the UK (ABPI Clinical Trials Report 2019). This is only a fraction of the potential market opportunity open to the UK.

Speak to us today to increase your research opportunities, partnerships and portfolio to improve patient outcome performance.

International Breast Cancer Research

Representing a community of over 137 countries, we bring product and service solutions  to emerging markets in patient centered projects while unleashing private sector investment into research.

Speak to us today to join our  international collaborations in cancer care research.


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