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International Cancer Care

We collaborate with institutions worldwide, sharing our practices in effective cancer care models, treatment, education and prevention

We help private and public healthcare leaders create change by making healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible for people around the world – vulnerable populations, including minorities, essential service workers, older adults, and those with clinical risk factors.

We have established partnerships with development agencies, governments and private partners to explore healthcare interventions where poverty/inequality exist in low- and middle-income countries. We collaborate with organisations to drive positive innovation in underinvested areas to ultimately improve overall health and well-being and reduce healthcare inequalities.

We empower research, dynamic partnerships between collaborating centres, laboratories and clinics, robust outreach and education in low-income countries, as well as engaging in outstanding education and training programs for future cancer scientists and clinicians.

By using our distinctive capabilities, depth of expertise, and innovative delivery methods across research and oncology we have partnered across multiple programmes focused on achieving rapid and lasting impact within cancer care by continuing to focus on achieving tangible results as we serve clients in these areas.

These are some of our programmes of work;

The Global Better Health Programme

We are proud suppliers developing cancer care strategies contributing to inclusive economic growth and reducing poverty.
As a partner to countries that are Low or Middle Income (LMI) countries working towards, or aspiring to, universal health coverage. These countries benefit from our expertise in redesign and innovation across cancer care.

Global Cancer Care Model

Our senior oncologists and business strategy teams have an important role to play in improving the quality of cancer care delivery, patient health, cancer research, quality measurement, and performance improvement.

By developing and establishing an integrated system of high-quality cancer care, our teams strengthen regional cancer care structures and improve the quality of care in oncology. With over 30 years of oncology experience, we work with the Cancer Care Alliances and NHS Foundation Trusts to rebuild the commercial model, delivering opportunities both nationally and internationally.