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Innovation Centre

New generation business modelling enables us to provide solutions across clinical and business expertise to develop, test and launch product and service innovation.

The Innovation Center at Outreach Research & Innovation Group caters from 100,000 start ups scale ups both nationally and internationally.

Our executive consultants, qualified scrum product masters, will support you in each stage of growth, across putting you alongside specialists and researchers to create new ways to drive growth and efficiency through connected products, services, customer experiences and operations.

Our knowledge highlights the barriers holding back the development of effective clinical care and access to new treatments. Understanding these barriers gives us insight to the best ways to improve innovation in health care systems.

Through clinical leadership, expertise, and knowledge, we provide the strategy, infrastructure and processes to define and deliver global business support functions focusing on the fundamental redesign of frontline clinical care and backroom support functions.

Our Programmes

Service Transformation

The global crisis created by the COVID19 pandemic, brought a stark realisation that access to treatments and the agility of our health care system needs rethinking to be responsive to the ever changing landscape

We collaborate with institutions worldwide, supplying our practices in effective research care models, treatment, education and prevention.  

Product Innovation

The Innovation Centre at Outreach Research & Innovation Group caters 100,000 start ups to scale ups.

Our specialists teams are made of oncologists, research nurses and business experts committed to greater efficiencies, better health and the reduction of unnecessary cost and resource, improved efficiency and product design.  


Real-World data

Our specialist team build and execute bespoke strategies to find the right patients for research studies, keeping them engaged and enhancing the patient experience.

Whether searching for clinically applicable biomarkers, designing a new companion diagnostic (CDx), or honing your study accrual and go-to-market strategies, we have the right expertise to deliver your project.