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Education & Leadership

At Outreach Research & Innovation Group, we recognise that science and innovation can only be as good as the people we attract, educate and train.

We are committed to education and training in research, innovation and management services to provide the best-quality, accessible, cost-effective care. By nurturing clinical and innovation capabilities we aim to inspire and stretch clinicians to be great leaders. We see leadership and management training, frequently absent from core curricula, as an essential part of our commitment towards the best and most sustainable quality of care.

We have a series of projects to develop and support the brightest creative minds to challenge and improve themselves; from secondary to vocational education, undergraduate and postgraduate study and training in UK Research and Innovation and Business skills.

We believe that personal fulfilment and growth are essential for development of skills, expertise and leadership required to navigate and thrive in a rapidly changing and expanding global economy. Clinicians not only make the best frontline decision makers but also have the technical knowledge to make strategic choices about longer-term patterns of service delivery. We will enable them to be confident and astute in their leadership.

Our Programmes

Clinical Entrepreneurial Programme

Helping prospective entrepreneurs transform their energy and ideas into successful early stage ventures. Along the way, participants will build and launch new business ideas, learn the necessary start-up tools and frameworks, evaluate market opportunities, create a viable business model and financial plan, and articulate their vision for their own enterprise. 

International nursing programme

The International Nursing programme is an intensive venture development journey with mentoring and support.

The programme assesses the ability to practice in the UK healthcare environment and lifting standards in our partnering countries.


Graduate Scheme

We have married private and public sector practices in our graduate programme to build a new generation of leaders to deliver excellence in healthcare.

Our graduate scheme is a great way to kick start your career and gain professional qualifications and valuable experiences. It will help you to discover your career path and to learn what roles are right for you.