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Our Founder Prof Andrew Wardley is a renowned clinical entrepreneur, media personality, author of bestselling cancer care books, medical director, and political adviser.

With over 300 publications in leading healthcare journals Prof Wardley is committed to innovative changes in treatments and redesigning models of cancer care across cancer systems,

A cross-sector global leader specialising in international practice changing clinical trials and implementation of their results into practice, he has led many major advances in breast cancer treatment improving outcomes for patients.

In 2021, Prof Andrew Wardley left the NHS, recognising Life Sciences Companies often approach the same clinical sites resulting in a de facto monopoly. NHS infrastructure and workforce challenges conspire with the complexity of cancer trials restricting access to Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) trials.

This has caused the UK’s performance to decline, resulting in patients, clinicians, clinical sites, the NHS, and the economy not achieving the potential for improved health outcomes and economic performance. An average of 28% of EU clinical trial applications have come to the UK. This is only a fraction of the potential market opportunity open to the UK. We are lagging other countries with no signs of improvements. On the contrary, UK delivery of industry-run trials dropped by 44% between 2017/18 and 2021/22, and UK relative ranking against other countries dropped, from 4th to 10th best in the world. The current NHS workforce and skills crisis requires new collaborations to reverse this decline.

In 2020, as part of his continual commitment to health inequalities, Prof Wardley developed, in consultation and support from NHS, McKinsey Business Partners and Life Science Companies, a National Oncology Centre combining multiple business and commercial models aimed at sustainable business, service and product innovation. Upon securing investment, Outreach Research & Innovation Group became an exemplar in innovation startups, demonstrating how scientific discovery through to organisational design and implementation can achieve commercialisation while benefiting multiple patients and partners.

In less than 12 months Outreach Research & Innovation Group was driving economic growth by working with the NHS to de-risk, enable and support innovation and research, while unleashing private sector investments. Outreach Research & Innovation Group continue to invest in regional economic growth that will significantly develop the UK’s innovation capability, improve performance and international investments into research and innovation.

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