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About Outreach Research & Innovation Group 

Our Founder Prof Andrew Wardley is a rising clinical entrepreneur, media personality, author of bestselling cancer care books, medical director, and political adviser.
With over 200 publications in leading healthcare journals Prof Wardley is committed to leading innovative changes in treatments and redesigning models of cancer care across cancer systems, in systemic anti-cancer therapies.
A cross -sector boundary global leader specialising in national and international trials, many of which have led to major advances in breast cancer outcomes for patients, and implementation of NHS services. 

Project Portfolio

Health Inequality

This programme aims to increase the number of clinical sites across the UK to deliver Systemic Anti Cancer Therapies (SACT) in primary and secondary sector.



Novartis, a Life Science Company, specialise in research, development and commercialisation of new drug therapies medicines, with the aim to deliver them to as many people as possible.

Global Better Health

This programme aims to improve health in 8 low-medium income countries, contributing to inclusive economic growth and reducing poverty.

International Breast Cancer Centre

This programme aims to improve the access to public health cancer treatments through the development of the International Breast Cancer Center.

HER2+ Type Breast Cancer

£100k partnership with The University of Manchester, The Manchester Breast Centre and Action Against Cancer, in a programme exploring HER2+ type breast cancer patients whose tumours are not responding to treatment.