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Welcome to Outreach Research & Innovation Group

We are a National Oncology Centre specialising in site management expertise and healthcare solutions in cancer research and innovation.

As a cross sector research and innovation hub our aim is to tackle health inequality challenges in the UK. We work closely with clinical innovators, the Life Science Industry, Clinical Research Organisations (CROs), the NHS and private partners across the globe to bring the very best in innovative solutions and expertise to our partners.

With over 30 years of medical oncology experience combined with business know how, we continue to support regional economic development through patient-centred products and services.

We are proud suppliers to the NHS, working together to address the common challenges in sustainability, innovation and research growth and sustainability. We specialise in clinical trial protocols, clinical trial set up, new technologies and international business development providing the know how, routes to market and necessary legal expertise to promote the UK as a global leader in research and innovation.

Our Background

The National Health Service, is set up to be a single connected healthcare system but has become fragmented leading to substantial inequalities in access to standards of care treatments for patients with cancer.

Clinical expert in innovation development and integrated care systems, founder Prof Wardley said “I want innovation to be at the heart of our efforts to build healthcare systems back better and stronger. To achieve this we need strong leadership from experienced clinical innovators. Clinical expertise is the single point of truth that will enable the UK to unleash their vast scientific and technological potential.”

      Our Mission

Our focus is simple and direct;

1.To have an effective, efficient, fully-integrated oncology health care system operating across the globe.  

2. To tackle health inequalities barriers and challenges in the UK 

3.Empower the National Health Service (NHS) to significantly increase their performance capability in primary, secondary and tertiary centres. 

Our Achievements

We are strengthening the infastructure of NHS by sitting between Patients, Life Science Companies and the NHS. 

Cancer Research

Our models of care have been incorporated into the European Code of Cancer Practice and service innovations in NHS England

Innovation Centre

We provide hands-on backed by lived experience through the continuous cycle of product discovery, development and implementation.

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Health inequalities affects us all. There are part of the UK that do not have access to cancer treatments. Sponsor our projects today to reach patients.