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Welcome to Outreach Research & Innovation Group

We are the largest heath care programme office specialising in commercial research education and innovation service design and delivery.

As experts in integrated health care systems and programme delivery, we fill the gap that exists between drug development and the delivery of services allowing equitable access to treatments to patients. In the last year alone, we develop patient-centred innovative ideas into business models and commercial success across primary and secondary care.

We ensure the success of our clients by bringing healthcare commercialisation, and business solutions to healthcare services in the UK and internationally.

Whether you are a Foundation Trust/Health Board, Life Sciences Company, or Clinical Research Organisation looking to develop or redesign a healthcare model to increase your research opportunities, we will help you develop and implement core and supportive strategies to navigate the ever-changing health care landscape.

As a hybrid model, we combine a multi-disciplinary approach with deep, practical industry knowledge to deliver the highest value care to patients and their families. We achieve this by providing the knowledge, experience, tools, technology and support necessary to become a value-based provider of health care.

Our operations transformation team are made of senior clinicians, research nurses and business experts committed to greater efficiencies, better health and the reduction of unnecessary cost and resource utilisation that undermines the quality of care.

With over 30 years of medical, transformation, delivery and leadership expertise designing and redesigning cancer care models, we are determined to reduce health inequalities and ensure the very best care for every person.

Our Background

The National Health Service, is set up to be a single connected healthcare system in the UK, has become fragmented leading to substantial inequalities in access to standards of care treatments for patients with cancer.

The vision of our Co-Founder and Medical Director Andrew Wardley has always been to ensure patients have access to the best standard of care treatments and research opportunities. As a cancer survivor himself, he relates to the emotional, physical, and psychological challenges people experience when living with and beyond a life-threatening illness.

Bringing commercial and clinical leadership and operational know how under one umbrella, we share knowledge, expertise, infrastructure, workforce and clinical leadership to develop clinical sites in a safe and efficient manner.

Mission Statement

We believe in equitable access to treatments and expertise. This is the core of our principles, culture and focus

Research Delivery Models

We speciliase in the development and delivery of integrated care systems in primary care, secondary and tertiary sectors

Innovation Centre

We provide a hands-on approach through the continuous cycle of product discovery, development and commercialisation

Leadership & Education

Our international educational programmes offer targeted leadership support to affect fundamental change